I woke up this morning and sat on the couch chilling out with my cup of coffee.  I grabbed my IPad and started browsing through Facebook.  The usual posts from the same people until something just threw me for a loop.  It was my “friends” dressed up and looking all smiley at one of my other “friends” wedding.  I felt a pang of stabbing in my stomach.  So, here it is in reality that is Facebook my “friends” chose his side.  Again.  In what will be nearly two years since our separation, my “friends” have barely spoken to me.

I am the casualty in my own decision to walk away.  No friends.  No home.  No weddings.  Not that the wedding is important but seeing everyone smiling and laughing.  That is what hurts.

I have moved on and it has not been easy.

This is me and my story.  From New York to the UK and everything on the way.


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