Oi vey!  What a day.  Living in this modern day in the Western world is not good for one’s emotional and physical health.  From road rage that turns into road side murder to the Prime Minister declaring a crackdown on extremism.  Luckily I have only experienced the road rage from fellow motorists and nothing so extreme as murder.  And I have been fortunate enough to not have experienced the extremism that is repeated over and again as acts of terrorism in the media.  So, how does this affect my day?  Well, I do drive to work and I was nearly plowed into by a lorrie this morning at 7am.  As for the extremism, well, it was not what the media portrays but it was enough to make me angry and upset.

I had to call the NHS today for a repeat prescription, only to be told by the Receptionist who was extremely unfriendly and abrupt that I would have to go into the Surgery to make the request. What?!  This was news to me.  I pleaded with the woman who was extremely rude, on this occasion to oblige. Answer a firm no.  It was not that the policy changed it was in fact that the policy always existed and no one was enforcing it.  For shame on them.  So, how is this extremism you may ask? Well it is not unlike some individual’s loose interpretation of their religious beliefs.  Picking and choosing how to interact with society.  So in light of my trivial experience I reflect upon the world today and ask everyone to just take it easy for a while and not be so extreme.  Take time to accept that we are all humans.  We are more alike than we are different.  In the words of a deceased Rodney King whose own extreme treatment sparked race riots 20 years ago: “Can’t we all just get along?”


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