Kindness seems like a very difficult attribute to find in most people these days.  At work the trending topic is unkindness.  We have repeat offenders who just have not been socially trained to be kind.

It takes less energy to say excuse me than it does to barge into a conversation and demand to be heard.

I have a colleague at the moment who is setting his fate to be turned out onto the street because of his unkindness.  This morning, I was once again confronted with his bad behaviour.  He needed immediate attention and so pursued his campaign of Me Me Me by interrupting a conversation that I was having with another Colleague.  A colleague who I was helping.  And so it began,the angry little man started his ranting and stomping of feet.   He needed attention immediately.

I thought to myself, in my New York State of mind, what the hell is wrong with you?  Are you freaking kidding me?  I thought it and did not say it.  I instead told the angry little man that he was being disrespectful.  I felt like I was talking to a two year old having a tantrum.  He stopped for a second to catch his breath.  Oh, the poor little man was upset and not getting his way.

So, how does a grown man make it through life acting like a two year old?  I have no idea, because where I come from someone would have sorted his attitude out a long time ago.

I now feel as though it is my civic duty to show this man that bad behaviour gets you no where.  Kindness goes much further.

Be kind all of the time, if you can.


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