Recently my boyfriend took a psychometric test for his new job.  The results were that he was deemed to be a selfish person.  He came home miffed and a bit taken aback by this and asked me if I thought that he was selfish.  I answered no, which was unfortunately a lie.

I did not feel badly about the lie because I felt at this point his behaviour in our relationship was proving to be selfish and self-centred.  In not so many or if any words, I have not broached the subject with him.  It is difficult for me to do so because I am feeling quite vulnerable in my relationship.  This is not good.

His selfishness is balanced by my selflessness in the relationship.  I know I have always been a giver and due to my lack of self esteem time and again always accept that people may not reciprocate my behaviour.

I now am reflecting on this and can see that to be selfish is not necessarily a bad thing.  Sometimes one does have to think only of themselves, it is our survival technique.  Being selfless is deemed to be an act of kindness but it can also be a sign of not knowing your self worth.

Lesson learned here is that we both have to change a little to give the relationship more balance.  It will be good for our souls.


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