This past Thursday I emailed my notice of resignation to my bosses.  It was the 2nd draft which thanked them for the opportunity, expressing how much I learned and wishing them the best of luck in their future with the company.  The 1st draft was a laundry list of all of the things that I did not like about the company and how I was treated unfairly during the two years with them.

Yeah, it was only two years but a lot happened during this time.  I left a full time employed job to go work the company as a Contractor.  More money gave me the financial freedom to leave my husband, which I did so exactly two months after starting my contract.  My life was going in the direction that I wanted it to go.

During my two years, my bosses praised my work and offered me the opportunity to be staff.  The salary would be about £10k less than what I was earning as a Contractor and so at the time I had to ask if the offer could be postponed for several months.  I was renting in the City, and it was expensive.  They understood and said, yeah sure no problem, we will get the paperwork started and it should be completed by the time your lease is up.  Mutual agreement.  I thought to myself what a nice thing to do for me.

I was so wrong.  They offered staff roles to other less qualified people.  This was upsetting.  I asked, when is my staff paperwork going to be completed?  The response I received from my bosses was, what are you talking about?  I couldn’t believe it.  What a bunch of lying numbskulls.

Then the bullying started.  I soon learned that as a Contractor, HR were not interested my welfare.  Not one person cared.  I was left feeling very low.  My self esteem had plummeted.  I had to seek help.  I did, and after about 6 sessions my confidence was becoming restored.  I put my CV on the job boards and soon was being head hunted for roles.

Persistence paid off and I was offered a role with a higher salary and working less hours.  Boom!

After the email was sent to my bosses, one of them replied by telephone pleading with me not to go.  We had a meeting the next day.  This is when I let my lips loose to sink their ship.

I went through the timeline of my employment with them and gave exact details about all of the times they messed me about.  I made it clear that the way they treated me had negative reprecussions and I had to seek medical help.  My boss sat there with his mouth open.  That’s when I told it like it is.  I made my excuse before I started and forewarned him that where I come from, New York, I can only be honest and straight to the point.  I told him that the people he has hired are incompetent as what I have seen with my own eyes.  That they would rather play on their phones than work.  And here I am, hard working and dedicated and you chose them over me.  Well, it’s their problem now, because there is not anyone of my colleagues who has the experience and dedication that I possess.  Yeah, good luck to you.


Button Your Lip

imageTrump.  That is the name of the moment.  People are outraged by what he professes and what he intends to put into action if he is elected. In the UK we started a petition #blockDonaldJTrumpfromenteringtheUK.  The signatures quickly added up and have far and above reached the quota for Parliament to debate.  I am one of those signatories and being an American who is also a Hispanic New Yorker, I felt empowered by this.

As inflammatory as Trumps words are, I am sure glad that he has a big mouth and everybody knows how openly bigoted he is.  His bigotry has opened the floor for us to debate the very real issues surrounding terrorism and IS.

While Trump’s big idea is to ban Muslims from entering the United States is fundamentally wrong I can’t help but feel that it is time for Governments to do more for the refugees.  Make the checks on individuals more concise so that there are not interlopers entering our countries.  We need to take care of those individuals who are fleeing for their lives.  They are human beings and should not be identified as Muslism.  They should have the freedom to practice their religion without fear.

The Trump saga has started a debate on my Facebook page.  One friend opposed Trump while another supported him.  The debate went on for quite sometime.  Both parties let their differences lie, however they both felt that their views were right.  These two friends are New Yorkers.  And there is one thing that New Yorkers are not afraid to do is confront one another.  They will speak their mind and lay it out all on the table.  It is our culture.  As much as the world is shocked by Trumps words, I am not surprised he said those things.  New Yorkers can’t help themselves.  It is a tell it like it is culture.  And when we say something that we shouldn’t have, we’ll be the first to pull ourselves up on it.  It’s the saying, “Me and my big mouth.”  Oi vey!

Trump is a different kind of New Yorker.  He’s a chump.  He’s the guy in the bar who just won’t button his lip until another guy tells it like it is and says, “shut your mouth or I’ll shut it for you.”

Mental Health Month

My employer declared November Mental Health Month.  I thought that in the current state of my own mental health that this would be a light bulb moment for me.  I had high hopes for the past month.  I was expecting to be given an opportunity to witness this proactive approach by my employer to give those who suffer in silence a voice.  The extent of the November Mental Health rounded up a series of posters referring employees to call a help line and that there would be a session to speak with a Health Professional.

The reality of all this help was rolled out onto an email to everyone with the subject declaring that free lunch would be given during the Mental Health session and that during the hour you would learn how to identify when you are stressed, how this affects you, how to recognise this in your colleagues.  This attempt to educate employees is laughable.  I did not attend because I had my own CBT appointment that morning and felt that it was sufficient and concise.

I did contemplate attending the session because any time free food is offered you can bet that the attendees will be all too willing to be attentive in between chewing and clambering up to the buffet.

During the November Mental Health month, my employer conveyed to their staff and contractors that work is drying up and that we will have to tighten the purse strings.  The result of this message is that everyone is nervous, stressed, full of anxiety as they enter into the most festive time of the year.  The potential is that you may not have a job after December.  Well done Employer you have now had a success with your November Mental Health month.  There will now be a number of employees contacting the helpline.