My employer declared November Mental Health Month.  I thought that in the current state of my own mental health that this would be a light bulb moment for me.  I had high hopes for the past month.  I was expecting to be given an opportunity to witness this proactive approach by my employer to give those who suffer in silence a voice.  The extent of the November Mental Health rounded up a series of posters referring employees to call a help line and that there would be a session to speak with a Health Professional.

The reality of all this help was rolled out onto an email to everyone with the subject declaring that free lunch would be given during the Mental Health session and that during the hour you would learn how to identify when you are stressed, how this affects you, how to recognise this in your colleagues.  This attempt to educate employees is laughable.  I did not attend because I had my own CBT appointment that morning and felt that it was sufficient and concise.

I did contemplate attending the session because any time free food is offered you can bet that the attendees will be all too willing to be attentive in between chewing and clambering up to the buffet.

During the November Mental Health month, my employer conveyed to their staff and contractors that work is drying up and that we will have to tighten the purse strings.  The result of this message is that everyone is nervous, stressed, full of anxiety as they enter into the most festive time of the year.  The potential is that you may not have a job after December.  Well done Employer you have now had a success with your November Mental Health month.  There will now be a number of employees contacting the helpline.


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