imageTrump.  That is the name of the moment.  People are outraged by what he professes and what he intends to put into action if he is elected. In the UK we started a petition #blockDonaldJTrumpfromenteringtheUK.  The signatures quickly added up and have far and above reached the quota for Parliament to debate.  I am one of those signatories and being an American who is also a Hispanic New Yorker, I felt empowered by this.

As inflammatory as Trumps words are, I am sure glad that he has a big mouth and everybody knows how openly bigoted he is.  His bigotry has opened the floor for us to debate the very real issues surrounding terrorism and IS.

While Trump’s big idea is to ban Muslims from entering the United States is fundamentally wrong I can’t help but feel that it is time for Governments to do more for the refugees.  Make the checks on individuals more concise so that there are not interlopers entering our countries.  We need to take care of those individuals who are fleeing for their lives.  They are human beings and should not be identified as Muslism.  They should have the freedom to practice their religion without fear.

The Trump saga has started a debate on my Facebook page.  One friend opposed Trump while another supported him.  The debate went on for quite sometime.  Both parties let their differences lie, however they both felt that their views were right.  These two friends are New Yorkers.  And there is one thing that New Yorkers are not afraid to do is confront one another.  They will speak their mind and lay it out all on the table.  It is our culture.  As much as the world is shocked by Trumps words, I am not surprised he said those things.  New Yorkers can’t help themselves.  It is a tell it like it is culture.  And when we say something that we shouldn’t have, we’ll be the first to pull ourselves up on it.  It’s the saying, “Me and my big mouth.”  Oi vey!

Trump is a different kind of New Yorker.  He’s a chump.  He’s the guy in the bar who just won’t button his lip until another guy tells it like it is and says, “shut your mouth or I’ll shut it for you.”


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