imageI had my last CBT session.  I felt relieved to not have to go to the appointments any longer, then there was sadness knowing that I would no longer see my Therapist.  Over the course of 1/2 a year I had established a bond with him.  He brought me to a dark place to help me face my deep rooted issues.  He brought me to a light place to finally acknowledge my self worth.

The journey had been tough and not without tears and laughter.  My therapist armed me with the tools to go forward and most importantly he gave me the courage to realise that I already had these tools.  I just did not know how to use them in a constructive manner. I told him as my parting that I hope I never have to see him again.  He laughed and said that is what everyone says.  I really meant it.

Going forward, I will have to be more patient and loving of myself.  I know I can and will.


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